Popular actress Barbara Chepkoech ashamed of his relative who cons rich women on social media to eat their nunu and use them for mine. See screenshot

Posted by Madebe on Friday, January 6, 2017 at 11:25 am

Kenyan man by the name Dominic Bett best known as Kipps Bett has been exposed by Kilimani mums for what he has been doing to women on social media.

According to one member of Kilimani mums who exposed him, the guy is said to be using his little money and car to con innocent women and sleep with them.

The guy is related to veteran actress Barbara Chepkoech whose stage name is Waridi. After being exposed, the actress took it on social media to bash and denounce his cousin who is known for his notorious behaviors of playing women and using them for his bodily satisfaction before asking them for money.

Check out This screenshot

Waridi followed by posting this to his cousin;
“karma? This is my ex-cousin I denounced him as my relative. Remember when I called out a relative that ni ostrich imeparara there he goes constipated he-goat you are cursed mongoose with rabies. Dominic how dare you steal from someone mlitembea miguu tupu naye? Idiotic baboon.Well family can f*ck you up big time Dominic well you useless excuse of human flesh may each dime you have stolen from hard working people bite you literally just because people are in the states does not give people a right to steal and con them. Am getting inboxes asking me to stop tarnishing this he-goat’s name? Which name? His mum and my dad are siblings from the same womb not adopted. We went to kaparuso barefoot then he cons his own cousin …. Shameless hairless orangutan. Thorn less cactus. Cleopatra doormat. Constipated rat.     Mwizi fake watu wanaiba pesa za serikali unaibia mamawadodo let me see a comment you are too much mhhhhh woi let me rant . Cursed forever imagine I had just had my babies when this thing who is my blood cousin his mum and my dad are siblings stole from me.

    “woi woi woi the slap life will give you!!!!! hehehe utaparara na uokote makaratasi. ngoktab arek.”

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