Desperate state of the Kenyan citizenry

Posted by Group Kenya on Monday, January 2, 2017 at 7:41 pm

Kenyans are so desperate for performing ministers and leaders such that when it appears Dr. Matiang’i is trying what he should and paid to do. Some Kenyans overate him, a sign of hopeless and a desire for true working leaders. Let Kenyans know that the fact that CS Matiang’i has reduced cheating, even though is plausible, does not make him qualified for presidency. A good juakali artisan, even if he wins Nobel prize for his creativity, can never qualify to be a medical doctor or UN Secretary General just because he made an energy saving Jiko. Alternatively, a good housemaid who does her best can only remain the best among fellow house helps. So is Dr. Matiang’i.

All statements made today by Matiang’i were sensible except for the part he mentioned president Uhuru and Ruto as hard working and committed, since you all know there is no commitment from the duo a part from playing gift politics. His statements were far fetched and aimed at saving the President and his Deputy an embarassment due to little progress in the education sector. Meanwhile, it is still to early to overpraise and overate Matiang’i. Do you agree he is doing a good job but Kenyans are quick praise this Jubilee Juakali artisan? Do you also agree that skills to intimidate teachers as well as reduce exam leakage and prevent doctoring results is not the same as political skills to run a serious position like presidency?

Do you also agree that the president of Kenya next year will either be Uhuru or Raila and not Matiang’i jamaa Mzuri wa mikono?

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