Raila’s message to the Kikuyu community

Posted by Group Kenya on Sunday, December 25, 2016 at 10:33 pm

 railas message to the Kikuyu community

In the recent past, we have witnessed an upsurge of hate campaign, propaganda, rumors and fear-mongering being disseminated by anti-Raila political extremists claiming that I, Raila, is a Kikuyu number one enemy. That I am an impending danger to the entire Kikuyu Community – a serious threat which needs to be stopped from ascending to power at all costs.

I can, categorically, state that at no time had I or have I been a malevolent Kikuyu enemy or ill wisher. I wish to make it clear that I have worked with various Kikuyu politicians, religious leaders, lawyers, political analysts, activists, economists, scholars etc.

In 2002 general elections, I supported a Kikuyu presidential candidate, Mwai Kibaki,  and campaigned for him even in my backyards. The election results were satsfactory as he won with  landslide and became the third President of the republic of Kenya. Even though he would later betray me, I never made him my enemy – we are still friends to date.

After 2013 general elections, I nominated Isaac Maigua Mwaura, a Kikuyu, as one of ODM nominated Mps. Even though he would later betray me by decamping to Jubilee, I never punished him neither did I declare  him an  enemy.

That’s not enough.. during a Mathare by – election, I nominated Stephen Kariuki, a Kikuyu,  to run in an ODM ticket and he won. He would later betray me by decamping to Jublee.

I have and will continue to work with members of Kikuyu community even if some of them are thankless. My lawyer is a Kikuyu, my legal adviser is a Kikuyu and so on.

My Kikuyu brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, I wish to let you Know that the anti-Raila propaganda you always hear from your politicians is pure political malice. It’s vicious attacks on my character. It’s calculated evil and ill-intentioned. They do so all in a bid to gain political milage.

My brethrens, ignore rumors and propaganda, I have nothing against people of Mount Kenya and have no plans to persecute them even if I succeeds to be president. Had I been their hater as claimed, I wouldn’t have favored some of their leaders. They are part of Kenya and have every right to be in Kenya just like other citizens.

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