OPINION: Doctors vs teachers strike and why some teachers could be irredeemably stupid

Posted by Group Kenya on Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at 3:40 pm

1. I have not heard “Can’t pay, won’t pay”.
2. I have not heard, “Mnataka niwape damu yangu jameni? ”
3. I haven’t heard, “Mnionyeshe huo mti wa kuchuna pesa hata mimi nichune”.
4. I haven’t heard that medics are working with the opposition to bring down the govt.
5. I haven’t heard anybody lecturing the nation on how much doctors in Burundi and other nondescript countries earn.
6. I haven’t seen the army of establishment bloggers dispatched throughout cyberspace to fight the medics’ cause.
7. I haven’t seen the CS Health, Sarah Serem, CS Treasury et al deployed to all media houses on prime time news to whip up propaganda against medics.
8. I haven’t heard the Kenyan public condemn the medics as greedy and call them cruel for causing the deaths of patients and causing mental patients to escape from Mathare hospital.

That should tell us how much Jubilee despises teachers.

Any teacher who still sings Jubilee praises must be either irredeemably stupid, bewitched or both.

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