Matiang’i should be fired and arrested, writes Paul Kimetto

Posted by Group Kenya on Friday, December 30, 2016 at 7:25 pm


If you look at KCSE 2016 Performance, you will be bewildered to say the least, just imagine out of a whole 577,000+ Candidates, 88,000+ will join University, Where will the 490,000+ students Go? Education sector lately has been a one Man show, led by one drama queen, which is costing Every kenyan a lot. Matiangi, the self made demigod should stop bragging about cubbing Exam cheating and apologize to Every kenyan because of the Following.
1. Does he know that Schools were being burnt and learning was interrupted in the better part of Second term? The chief source of the unrest is well known in the corridors of Rumors. APOLOGIZE.
2. We are a God Fearing Nation, our Children were forbbiden to Pray Just before Exams, you cannot pray for a Good Night in the morning, you do it just before sleep, he pushed prayers to school burning period. ITS UNFORGIVEABLE. APOLOGIZE
3.It is impossible to revise a 4 years work in 40 days (3rd term Period), your draconian laws are Out of order Mista Speaker Sir, Even Jesus was tempted 3 times in 40 days while in the Wilderness APOLOGIZE.
4. Besides being Fathomed I was Flabagersted by the speed at which the 2016 KCSE Exams were Marked,  Was that part of Rocket Science? A record of 25 days. When was analysis done? Why the hurry, or is the world ending in 2017. APOLOGIZE.
5. Where are we going to take 499,000+ candidates who scored C – E ? Our colleges & Polys cannot sustain that no. Such idle population is of youths is very dangerous especially during an ” Electioneering” period, think of robbery, violence drug abuse , rape & terrorism. APOLOGIZE
6. Because of time, i will not talk of harrased and scared teachers who are now more of Flower Girls in the System, I heard they Teach and Go somewhere EARLY.
So before you sing Matiangi for President, think Twice, dont be exited by immediate gratification, see the spill over effect, he is doing more harm to this country than Good, besides being Arrested, he should be Jailed in ICC for Psychological Crimes Against Humanity by Ruining Lives of 499,000+ learners and frustrating countless number of teachers including Interdicting them. I rest my case.
Happy “Matiangi” Year.

By Paul Kimetto

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