“Even Women in their periods, he doesn’t spare” Vexed sister exposes the nasty sexual things popular Catholic priest does in leaked audio

Posted by Madebe on Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 9:58 am

Many many years ago when I was a young girl of 7 years that is when I discovered this is not the man my mother gave birth to. He’s a beast! He must be bewitched.” This woman finds herself saying midway into the conversation when describing the stinking debauchery of her younger brother.

His brother is no ordinary man, he’s a renowned priest, a philosophy lecturer amid other things one of the most notable ones among this being the co-ordination of Pope Francis’ visit to Kenya. And this was not the first time as Twenty years ago; Fr. Okello played a leading role in Pope St. John Paul II visit to Kenya in 1995.

For a man of such repute, you would expect little or no flaws, but no….the man is apparently addicted to nunu. He can have it as much as 10 times a day and he has no apologies to make as it was narrated by the elder sister in a recorded conversation. The fact that he’s approaching 60 doesn’t at all seem to deter him.


(The alleged sexual addict Stephen Okello)

According to the sister who seems utterly disturbed by this behavior, no woman enters Okello’s den and leaves unscathed. None, even women on the periods she further narrates.

From sisters to nuns and even married women, nobody seems to escape his “mafisilation” something which was pushing the sister up the wall.

Even attempts to alert high authorities in the church on the same fall on deaf ears as more often than not the tables always seem to turn and the accuser becomes the accused.

Now all the sister has been left to do is pray and have faith that one day the brother would see the light of day.

Our efforts to reach out to Catholic University where the alleged apparently works bore no fruits as most of the contacts provided on their website seemed to be out of service and then ones in service totally went unanswered.

Listen to this agonizing video:

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