You are too old,quit politics, Uhuru tells Raila

Posted by Magufuli wa Kenya on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at 11:02 am


President Uhuru Kenyatta now wants CORD leader Raila Odinga to retire from politics as he is “too old”.

Uhuru and his deputy William Ruto who are on a tour in Central Kenya are on a tirade accusing Raila of sabotaging development projects in the country and practicing “foolish politics”.

Uhuru on Monday, November 28 told Raila he should now hang his gloves as he is now a spent force and allow the young generation to take over.

While making several stopovers in Laikipia and Nyeri counties where he also launched several multi-billion projects, Uhuru said Raila had exhausted his ideas and so he should quit politics and retire to Bondo, the Nation reports.

“May be it is his age and that is why we are asking him to retire now that he is an old man. We will ensure he is treated well. Occasionally, I will bring him a bowl of uji in Bondo if he quits,” Uhuru is quoted by the Nation.

He hit out at Raila for alleging money was stolen after the government floated the Eurobond saying Raila is also sabotaging government’s efforts to float another bid yet the money would be beneficial to the entire county’s economy.

“Even he can see the good things we are doing, but he cannot point them out. It is a foolish way of conducting politics. These people are politicking like mad people where they criticize everything, even the good things,” Uhuru is further quoted.
Ruto on the other hand said the CORD leader was a big liar who was is always looking for more lies to tell Kenyans.

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