OPINION: Whatever happened to Gospel music

Posted by Group Kenya on Wednesday, November 23, 2016 at 2:55 pm


Friends, Strangers, dolls and gents; Every single one of you 😔 I just listened to the new “Tiga wana” song by Willy Paul – Now “Willy Pozze” and Size 8. I wish I had not clicked the play button on YouTube. I have a question though, What is gospel music? If you have listened to that song, you know for sure that, that is not gospel at all.

I remember my friend Ian Mbugua saying this sometime back, “When you are composing songs, think about God first. Your work is not to give us music to dance to. You need to decrease while God increases”
Now, I am no Judge before someone tells me not to judge and quote the good old book. The same book that says, “God shall not be mocked. GOD SHALL NOT BE MOCKED !

Whatever happened to gospel music really.

I listened to that song “Tiga Wana” Which is Kikuyu for “Stop being Childish / Stop being stupid” While at it, my face frowned & eyes rolled. A thing that if I listened to Sauti Sol’s “Kuliko Jana” praise I would not do. Have you guys heard Nyashinski’s “Mungu Pekee” and Yemi Alade’s “Asante” our gospel artistes need to take notes. Those songs have more sincere Godly prayers.

On Sunday morning, a popular “gospel tv show” will list that “Tiga wana” song as the song of the week. Total mockery to God & to Christianity as a whole. Oh and don’t forget the riba riba riba deng & Kelele Takatakas of this world. The decay kwenye beats in the so called “gospel scene” in this country is getting out of control.

This is the point where I just say Jesus take the wheel.

I am writing this knowing too well that I am not perfect – before one of you reminds me.

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