NYEGE HAZINA ADABU: Popular Jubilee Mp Exposed For Soliciting Nude Photos From 18year Old Nairobi Girl .

Posted by Magufuli wa Kenya on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at 12:43 pm

Betty, a girl living in Nairobi has exposed an MP who was soliciting for nude photos from her.Their conversation was recorded on a popular app, Bopit as well as Whatsapp

Screenshots making rounds on social media show an MP (name wit-held) soliciting for sex from a woman he met online.


The conversation, Group Kenya has learnt, began on a popular app- Bopit, that has become the new internet craze.

The MP who is on the platform started talking to the girl before asking her to go on private chat with him.

On Whatsapp where the conversation ended, the MP started asking the girl to send him nude photos of herself.


He promised the girl to take her out of the country if she agree to do it with him- I mean bonk.The unfortunate incident was recorded on the Bopit app which stores messages on its servers and renders them undeletable once they are sent.


The app is essentially a travel app with a chat-room extension where most Kenyan men are, trying to look for cheap thrills under the cover of anonymity.The MP is very well known for flaunting guns and pictures of his wife and kids on social media.


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