Kenyans Voted The Ugliest People The World In A South African Poll.

Posted by Madebe on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at 1:55 pm

It came as a shock as South Africans voted Kenya as the country with the ugliest people in Africa last weekend.

An article that appeared on the Pretorian bird, entertainment section claims Kenya has the funniest looking president on earth, and a VP with a strange looking head. It goes on to say that Kikuyu women and Luo men pose the most weird features.

“Women from the Kikuyu community have small legs, totally no figures, and a little exeggerated heads. They lack good behinds and those who have them look like inflated baloons.They are shaped like pyramids turned upside down.A big upper frame and an almost inviscible lower bit.

Luo men on the other side have distorted facial features..say big lips and huge noses or should we call them knobs. Kikuyu men are also unproportional, and most of them are stunted. They walk leaning foward. Plus they have long rusty teeth.”

“Those from Kisii Districts are small people, the average Kenyan man will stop growing at 5’2″…5’4” tops. Kisii men have mango shaped heads, and bowed legs, a feature also common in in their Luhya counterparts.

He goes on to describe Kaleos as “Funny little pitch black emaciated fellows, raking in millions from the track. However long they’ll remain in Europe, their features never improve”. “Nandis will have rounded foreheads, and thin, long arms”. While occupants at the coast province are said to have “Wide faces, almost like a widescreen telly, especially taitas,and durumas”

Kenyans do not know the meaning of good grooming” The writer says. “The women hate their dark skins and opt for mercury bleachs which mess them up. The result: A scary (unpigmented)light face, black legs, and a black back”. As much as the Kenyan accent, of standard english is admired, “there’s too much mothertounge interference, common in Merus, Kisiis, and Kikuyus”

While Luos were pointed out as to be suffering from chronic ‘braggitis’. The research funded by the institute of Primate Research at the University of St. Kenkley, also noted that Kenyan men are very marketable in the Kimberely area of SA and parts of the Guateng region. Reason, they are big, hopeless


These people haven’t even met Vera Sidika,or Tracy Pendo or Corazon or Me,

The ranking was based on physical appearance, grooming, presentation, communication etc.

I really don’t like South Africa!

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